College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Residential Learning Community

Join this dynamic and engaging community of first year students in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS).  Live with some students from CEPS, but also students from other colleges and majors as well.  You will live in Handler, one of our newest residence halls while successfully transitioning to UNH.  You will share at least one of your 4 classes together and benefit from knowing and studying with other students in CEPS right where you live.   There will be opportunities to talk about different majors and projects, meet informally with CEPS faculty, meet and learn with upper class students in CEPS, and study with your neighbors.  Your grades will likely benefit as a result of this living experience. While some of your floor will have these thin in common, there will also be many students in the hall for you to meet who are not in CEPS. Really, you get the best of all worlds at UNH.




We know that this group of first year students will have a great start to their UNH experience as a result of living together, and taking classes as a community. If you are interested in joining this community, check off this option on your housing application. If you have questions feel free to call Ruth Abelmann or Mary Faucher at (603) 862-2268.