Life in the Upper Quad

  • Devine wing
  • Randall wing
  • Hitchcock wing
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The Upper Quad is comprised of three connected wings: Hitchcock Hall, Randall Hall, and Devine Hall. It is a place where folks from all over and many walks of campus come to meet. Over 96% of UQ residents like living here! Filled with both upper-class and first year students, it’s a popular building where residents often return to live for most of their years on campus. The UQ is one of the four halls that is open during breaks (see the Housing webpage for more details) and we tend to be home to many athletes! But that’s not all...


Here’s the breakdown of the UQ:


Hitchcock Wing is comprised of three great floor communities. The first floor is all male and the second and third floors are both female. This wonderful community is home to many freshman and sophomores alike. It has a large lounge that is used for studying, watching popular shows like “The Walking Dead” or just hanging out. Hitchcock also has a fireplace where residents can play games, make s’mores, or study. The courtyard just outside provides a great opportunity for students to hang out when the weather gets warmer. Students love living in Hitchcock because it is the closest residential building to many academic buildings.


UQ signRandall Wing is comprised of four floors and is in the middle of the UQ.The ground floor is a small female floor with a great private lounge that’sperfect for studying or hanging out. The 1st floor is home to the large Randall study lounge and a full kitchen. The lounge has lots of space for social activities, cards, games, and group projects. Students also love spending time watching movies or the Patriots Play; it even has a fireplace for a nice little area to connect with others over crackling flames. The Randall First Floor Lounge is definitely a great place to hang out or study! Randall 2nd floor is all women and traditionally houses a mix of first year and upper-class students. First and third floors of Randall are co-ed.


Devine Wing is comprised of five co-ed flex floors, and currently houses one of our themed floors. Devine first and second floors are a traditional floor of upper-class and first year students who have a strong community and are always having fun in the Quad. The 3rd and 4th floors are two great communities comprised of upper-class and first year students. There is a mix of doubles, singles, built-up triples, and traditional triple rooms (spaces built to house 3 people). Devine also houses the Niche (a giant lounge) where residents will find a pool table, a ping pong table, comfy seating, a kitchen, and a TV. The Niche is where everything happens; exploring diversity, Superbowl Parties, coffee houses, Club Q, and tug-of-war during Floor Wars! In addition to the Devine Niche, there are lounges on each of the floors for studying or floor socials events. On the ground floor there is also a large study lounge filled with comfy couches and long tables for study groups to spread out.