Billy Massey

Meet Billy Massey
The Haaland Hall Director



Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of General Studies-History (Minor-Anthropology) from the University of Kansas


Graduate degree: Master of Education-Counselor Education in Student Affairs from Clemson University


Why did you become a Hall Director?

I became an RHD because of my love for students and the fun that I had in the residences halls! I love being a resource for students and having a lasting impact on their college experience! I look forward to helping the students at UNH to have the greatest experience possible and leave knowing that they had grown as a person as well as a student.


Why did you choose UNH?

I chose to work at UNH because of the students and staff members that I had met. It was apparent that students knew and enjoyed having RHD’s in their halls and the RHD enjoyed working with the students. This matched what I was looking for and I knew that it was for me. They also emphasized the fact that they use humor in their work which is something that I admire and have already incorporated in my work!


Advice for first-year students...

The advice I would give to students is to take advantage of the time that you have while in college. You have access to people and resources that you may not have for the rest of your life! Your college experience is what you make it so go out and try new things, push yourself, and have fun! (I’m here to help you every step of the way!)


More Information...

If you have any questions about living in Haaland Hall, you can contact or call 603-862-2933.