Allie AugerMeet Allie Birchmeier
The Peterson Hall Director


Undergraduate Degree: BA, Political Science w/concentration Environmental Studies, Providence College, Providence, RI


Graduate Degree: MS, Student Affairs in Higher Education, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO


Why did you become a hall director?

Well, my two interests were always being a teacher and working in the outdoors. When I was in college I was involved in tons of things on campus, but never worked in Residence Life (despite living on campus all four years). In graduate school I had the opportunity to work in the halls and loved it. I loved being involved in the day to day lives of students and helping them make the most of their college experience.  I got to do a little bit of everything from educating, advising and mentoring student staff members. When it became time to search for jobs I knew the hall director position would enable me to continue to learn and grow within the field of student affairs. I also enables me to bring in my passions for service work and the outdoors into the lives of students. Plus I get to continue to work directly with students helping them identify passions and making the most of their experience.


Why did you choose UNH?

 I chose UNH because after grad school I wanted to return to the Northeast to be near family. After meeting a few UNH staff members at a conference I knew I had found the right place. The staff was authentic, engaged, friendly, and really passionate about the work, all things I was looking for. On top of that I am near family, the ocean, mountains and I get to watch good hockey!


Advice for students…

Be passionate about something, or lots of things! You have thousands of opportunities and options to choose from. College is a grand opportunity to try new things, meet new people and really engage yourself in the things you are passionate about. Take time to get to know the campus and everything it offers. Get involved in something outside of your classes. You never know where your involvement will take you.

More Information...

If you have any questions about living in Peterson Hall, you can contact or 603-862-862-2136.