Meet Ana Garcia
The Handler Hall Director

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Undergraduate Degree:

Marketing Communications and Art from California Lutheran University


Graduate Degree:

Counseling and Guidance/College Student Personnel from California Lutheran University


Why did you become a Hall Director?

Because I LOVE working with college students! They are so fun, smart and driven! I like knowing that I can be a resource to students and help them when they most need it. I also like that you get to live with them, which makes it easier to build relationships and get to know them on a personal level..

Why do you choose UNH?

I like the student centered outlook at UNH. I really feel that they value students needs first and foremost, and that is important. It is also located in a beautiful place! I am excited to experience my first real winter!


Advice for first-year students...

Be yourself. Don't compromise your beliefs and values for others. The people who are meant to be in your life will support you always. Also, Have fun! Enjoy these college years, because there is no other time like this in your lives!

More Information...


If you have questions about Handler Hall, please contact Ana at or contact our main office at 603-862-2268