Life in Sawyer Hall

Sawyer residents are really active in intramurals, participating in broom ball, volleyball, basketball, indoor and outdoor soccer and many other activities. Because the rooms all face each other and people keep their doors open, Sawyer is one of the easier halls to meet you neighbors and make friends.

Picture of Sawyer Hall StudentsSawyer is a co-ed Residence Hall (the basement and first floor are coed by wing; the second and third are co-ed by room).


Sawyer was renovated in 2003 and feels bright, open, and new! It also has an awesome central location, close to two dining halls and just a stones throw from downtown and the Whit. We even have our own front and back yard!


Sawyer is a place where we welcome people of all kinds – no matter what your background is, you can call Sawyer your home. We don’t tolerate any kind of bias or discrimination. In Sawyer, you are free to be whatever you want to be and discover who you are.

Picture of Sawyer Hall StudentsOur Dedication to Academics

Even though we love to have fun in Sawyer – we take academics very seriously. While not everyone makes honors, the level of commitment is obvious throughout our hall. We often find students hitting the books in one of our comfy lounges, even in the middle of the night! Many students are conducting research with their faculty or participating in internships. It is awesome to see so many students studying together and helping each other on any given night!