Life in RichardsonTheme Hall

Do you think a single room in a small community of first year students sounds good? Than Richardson may be the community for you. We also have a few doubles as well.






Richardson folks are very active in and outside of the house; late night soccer and basketball games at the Whitt are common, hanging in the lounge and also going to

campus programs together. Richardson House is a community of all first year students. It’s a great place to start off your college career! Richardson is a small hall of 43 students making it easy to get to know people and be included right off the bat. All but 5 of the spaces are single rooms. There are two big lounges in Richardson where students convene by socializing and studying together.





"Everyone is in the same boat in Richardson; going through similar transitions and asking similar questions. The RA and Hall Director are there to help!!! Living here offers students the comforts of a smaller intimate community of only first year students transitioning to UNH together.”
- Scott Olsen