Life in Eaton House

Picture of Mini Dorms StudentsTheme HallDo you enjoy an occasional “jam session?” How about a little theater? If yes, than Eaton House may be the spot for you. A number of students in Eaton are music majors or performing arts majors, but the majority students are earning other majors. Regardless of major, everyone shares a common appreciation of the arts.

Students living in this house are interested in writing, music and theater arts. Even if you just like the creative arts and don't want to major in it, this may be the place for you!

This is an open and accepting community where upperclassmen are there to help you learn about the university, especially during your first year.”
-Heather Froelich

"Eaton House is extremely diverse. My friends here have quite a spectrum of majors, my neighbors include those who identify as straight and those who identify as queer (gay/lesbian/ bisexual) – Eaton is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly dorms on campus. Picture of Mini Dorms Students

"Choosing to live in Eaton was one of the best decisions I made when getting ready for college. I heard a lot about the diversity and the companionship, but when I first experienced it for myself…I can’t even describe the feeling I had.

I practically fell in love with the place and everyone in it. I didn’t realize I could have such caring relationships with friends. I came here completely as myself and was immediately accepted into this family. I can’t imagine myself in any other dorm."
-Sam Dunning