Life in Mills Hall

Mills Hall is staffed by 10 undergraduate Resident Assistants (2 per floor) and one Residence Hall Director, who work to promote strong values and ethics through the work they do with students. Additionally, the Mills Hall Council (a body of undergraduate students who volunteer their time) works to provide social programming for students, as well as to give voice to any issues the students may have regarding just about anything. Collectively, the Mills Resident Assistants, Hall Council, and Residence Hall Director work together to promote the following set of values in Mills Hall.




Academic Engagement
Mills Hall has a strong focus on academics on campus. With mostly upperclassmen and three study lounges per floor, you can find lots of students studying individually and in groups on any given night.

Here just a few examples of initiatives and amenities that exist in Mills to enhance the Academic

Engagement of our community:



Ally Bulletin BoardSocial Justice

Social Justice and Diversity are important to us in Mills Hall. Throughout the year, we have many programs that focus on different aspects of diversity. We have held the “Bias Gallery” in the main lounge to showcase what hurtful and hateful things have actually occurred in the residence halls. We work with OMSA to provide Safe Zone's training for our students and staff. At least once a semester, there is also a newsletter issued in which the primary focus is on social justice. We also encourage students to reflect upon their personal identities and further explore who they are.