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McLaughlin is home to 140 residents, many whom enjoy the strong sense of community within the building, as well as its great locale on campus.  Situated up on a hill overlooking the western side of campus, McLaughlin is surrounded by trees, a large rock outcropping, and nice grassy areas, thus there is no lack of New Hampshire’s natural scenery nearby.  Being a little removed from Main Street, McLaughlin is closely located near the Stillings dining hall, Dimond library, Paul College, “Whit,” Campus Rec, outdoor pool, Amtrak station, and The Diary Bar!  Overall, it is convenient to almost everything!


The diversity among McLaughlin students ranges from student athletes to frequent gym-goers, outdoor enthusiasts to arts & crafters, and business students to the gambit of liberal arts, natural sciences/resources, education, etc. majors.  Besides residents, there are five staff members (affectionately known as the "LAUGH Staff").  The LAUGH Staff is committed to making the year as enjoyable and safe as possible.  Overall, students appreciate McLAUGHlin’s positive energy and welcoming community.  AND, hopefully you will too someday!!