Lord Hall

Lord is a small hall of just about 120 residents. Lord students are fantastic people! There is a great sense of community here. People know one another, and respect one another. If you want a place where you will feel at home and where you’ll know your neighbors, this is it! 

Getting to know other Lord Hall residents is easy! ┬áThere is always something going on. RA’s host weekly socials on each floor, as well as building socials in one of the four hall lounges. The Lord Hall Council (LHC) is also a great way to meet people!


 The LHC is a group of dedicated residents whose primary responsibility is to make decisions that affect the Lord community, as well as spend the hall money on socials and other events for residents. If you are interested in getting involved just talk to your RA! Or come to a meeting! Everyone is welcome.


Lord Hall has a unique resident on the ground floor, Rocky. He’s a large rock that takes up one wing of the ground floor, and he likes to give shout outs to residents who do great things! Once in a while, a lucky resident or two get to check out this oddity!

Other Amenities:

The main lounge on the first floor is home to a working fireplace, a pool table, a piano, and flat screen TV with DVD player.