Linked in Leadership
A Theme Floor in Hunter Hall

Hunter residents

Live with other first year students committed to developing their leadership potential at UNH. Regardless of what your interests are, this active community will connect you to the heart of UNH early on, and allow you to branch out successfully from the start. You will be living in Hunter Hall, a small coed hall of 125 students.


Students on your floor will participate in Emerging Leaders, a five-week experience beginning with an on-site retreat, then meeting once a week discussing topics to help you develop your own personal leadership potential. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet other students and staff to help you forge an interesting path at UNH.


There will be additional activities on the floor linked to this theme as well. The linked in Leadership themed floor is affiliated with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership in the Memorial Union Building. You will have the opportunity to weave together leadership program offerings in order to create a comprehensive leadership development path at UNH!



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My favorite part of Emerging Leaders was how we all became a separate little family within Hunter because we are all very comfortable around each other and always seem to have a topic to chat about.  – Joey

Hunter residents

By witnessing so many different individuals and how they "lead", I came to realize my own style of leadership. I am more of a leader in my own life path, in the sense that I tend to lead more when I'm "alone" rather than in groups. I take great pride in accomplishing my goals and being assertive in my life.  – Hadley

Participating in Emerging Leaders has changed my college experience in so many ways. It made me more confident in my leadership abilities and has opened many new doors for me. After Emerging Leaders I was accepted into Leadership Camp. If I had not participated in the Leadership Floor here in Hunter I never would have known about the camp or would of wanted to apply. Also Emerging Leaders encouraged me to apply to be an RA next year and take the next leadership class, Transforming Leaders. I can definitely say Emerging Leaders was the best thing I did my freshman year!  - Bri